Celebrate World Social Media Day – Hyderabad

Hello everyone! We are hosting World Social Media Day on June 30th at Phoenix Arena, Hyderabad as to build a space for influencers, creators, makers , innovators across the social media platforms .
Let's Celebrate Social Media Day to create awareness on Social Media Importance. 

Social Media Day is annual global event celebrated every year in the month of June. It is an important day to celebrate not only as someone who is interested in the evolving medium, but also as an entrepreneur, as a marketer, as a student looking to create opportunities using Social Media.

Connect with Influencers, SME's, Startups, Brands, Aspirants, Students and Networking with like minded people.

This time, We Invited Some Influencers for OpenMic Storytelling to Share Interesting Stories for People Inspiration.

Register @ https://www.meraevents.com/event/smdayhyd?ucode=organizer

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