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Are you Running Digital Marketing Agency / Company. Providing Services on Web Design , Digital Marketing, App Development etc Web and Digital Solutions for Startups, SME biz owners. Showcase your agency services and Get Online & Offline Branding.

Be A Sponsor to Conduct More and More Events.
Sponsor Benefits List:
1.Logo Presence on all Marketing Creatives.
2.AirTime Slideshow.
3.Listing at Meetup Group.
4.Space for Flex Banner / Rollup Standee.

5.Stage Announcement on Event Day.
6.Logo Presence on Event Website / Page.
7.Emailer Any Special Offers, Discounts.

Special Benefits for Extra Charge:- 
1.Logo on Welcome Kit ( Paper Bags, Books, Badges )
2.One Day Pinned Post Fb Group
3.Logo at Youtube Video Coverage

*You Can Refer / Apply for speaker slot

Welcome to iDoneSEO Community, We conducted 50+ digital marketing Events, Workshops including Summits for businesses industry, career related sessions etc.,

Ask us if you have any custom branding ideas, talent hiring solutions, conducting own digital marketing workshops, etc.
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Chakrapani Anumula
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