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Affiliate Marketing Fest on May,28th @ Hyderabad

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Fest at Hyderabad on May,28th,2017.  Affiliate Fest boasts a better line up! With industry leading keynote speakers, followed by insightful talks, there will be something for everyone to take back with Awesome marketing hooks.

Walk in at 9 :30 AM for a meet-and-greet before the registrations happen at 10:00 AM. Here’s the agenda through 4:00 PM

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM: Registration Badge Collection / Networking
Come early to collect your entry badge. Also catch up with other participants and start networking over a welcome drink.

10:45 AM – 11:00 AM: Welcome Note
Welcome note by the organizers, a short and crisp dialogue, setting the pace for the day.

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM: “Building a Six Figure Annual Income with Affiliate Marketing” By OMThoke – Managing Director at Webfosys Networks Om Thoke is a prolific writer, and ace digital marketer, who has built and monetised over 500+ blogs himself, and currently helps his clients manage and monetise over 3000…

Inbound Hack Day on April,30th @ TheMakersAdda, Hyderabad

Every small and big companies, Brands looking SEO, Social Media talents to promote their business in Digital Media. All you need to have creative thinking and passion to explore new marketing ideas. Attend Inbound Hack Day & Prepare Marketing Strategy on own ideas. Will showcase your pitches to digital marketing community. Workshop contains learning & team activities such as Finding below:- Knowledge on SEO Tools, Regular Assignments, Industry Updates, Case Studies, Campaign Ideas etc . 1) To Connect like minded people & form as a team. 2) To Work on passionate ideas & validate with domain experts. 3) To Create marketing strategy & update in your linkedin profile. people can start discussion on one topic and take initiative to be moderator for some time and lead the team discussion. Attendees will have to choose from a set of themes given to them 1.Lifestyle ( Food, Education,Health, etc) 2. Entertainment (Movies, Sports, etc) 3. Social Cause (anti corrupt…