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Inbound Professionals Network Meetup on March5th at iKeva Hitech City

We Invite all Digital Marketing Professionals to join attend our community Events to have good networking. 

Bring yourself and the questions you have and share with other colleagues in the fraternity. From content writing to resource hunting to ROI, shoot all the problems you want sorted. You will definitely get the answers. 

Bring your business cards with your question behind it. 

Note:- Introduction should be complete within 2 minutes. No Sales pitch. 

This event is only upon invitation. 

Important:- The Agenda is just informal meeting, open discussion. Mainly we are looking for all seo, social media, digital marketing guys, companies, agencies to meet each other in a very informal setting.

people can start discussion on one topic and take initiative to be speaker for some time and they themselves can host event.

Come up with your ideas, services, customer needs, and will discuss more.

Have a Great Networking & Walk away with solid marketing hooks.

SEO's, SMO's, SEM Professionals…

Intro to Mobile App Campaigns on Feb,21st , Madhapur

This time, We have Exclusive Event on "Mobile App Campaigns" at OurHub.

Mobile App Campaigns is more than just bringing new user to your product. It's being able to measure the impact of your efforts to more efficiently grow your base.

This workshop serves as a basic introduction to the practice, aimed at giving people an overview of key terminology, concepts, channels, and approaches. On the other side, we would also discuss the growth and opportunities for User Acquisition Executives in Digital Marketing.

The potential impact of a user acquisition campaign on the growth of a user base.

Which channel to choose and how to optimise the campaigns?

How to identify the target audience based on a given business and its goals.

Impact of Ads and their conversions.

Importance of App Store Optimisation and its advantages.

Role of Mobile Advertising and its growth.

We will provide tea, snacks, lunch in event. We’ll finish the sessions by 4:30 but we’ll be around if you want to st…