Workshop on Google Adwords and Analytics - 27th-Sep-2015

This time, We have Google AdWords and Google Analytics One-Day Workshop for Startups, SME's
Join us & Learn how to use AdWords to drive hot prospects to your website and Analytics to find out all about your website visitors.  
Workshop Objectives:  
• You will be able to define how Google Adwords work
• You will get the opportunity to set-up of a simple Ad words campaign including:
• Choosing the most effective keywords
• Control your costs while getting good results
• Creating compelling advert text
• You will be able to practice how to monitor conversions and traffic using Google analytics.
• By the end of this workshop, you will have got ‘behind’ your website and will be able to see where your web visitors are coming from and how they are behaving when they visit your own website.
• You will be able to define a strategy for increasing conversions and traffic to your website based on the data from analytics.
• You will have developed and committed to an action plan for you to use back in the workplace.

We will provide tea, snacks, lunch in workshop. We’ll finish the sessions by 5:00 but we’ll be around if you want to stay and ask questions.
For More details call at 9985032005

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