Digital Marketing Talks on May,3rd 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Hi, This time we are Inviting speakers to share information on Social Media, Analytics, Paid Search. It is very useful information for startups.

Agenda Follows Below:-

10:00 AM - "Welcome Note"

10:15 AM - "Stimulating Marketing Tips On Social Media Platform" by David Bajam
How to get leads for the products and service on social media,How to keep your customers in loop and bring them to your page and interact, power of sharing and tagging

10:45 AM - "Getting actionable insights from Google Analytics" by Arun Kothapally
Ever stared at at Google Analytics reports for hours and still couldn't figure out what to do next? See how Google analytics can be used to come up with specific actions which impacts your business in a huge way.

11:15 AM - "Winning Strategies for paid search marketing campaigns" by Shyam Prasad
Paid search marketing is one of the most popular and accountable ways of spending marketing budgets.Managing paid search campaign is a systematic approach with human intelligence, and it takes a lot of strategies, analysis and skillset to deliver the best quality results.

11:45 PM - Open Networking Over Tea

12:00 PM - WrapUp

For More Details: Contact Chakri +91 9985032005

Root Directions to the Venue:-
The place is located opposite to the old airport. Opp to the old airport there is a lane which is called Prakash Nagar. Once you are in to the lane, take the first right*. First right is nothing but lane which is adjacent and parallel to the Begumpet road. In that lane "YAMAHA MUSEE MUSICAL" is also there so you can confirm that you are in the correct lane. Once in to the First right, take left available at almost dead end. Once in to the left, Hatch Station is 50 meters away.
Note: If you are coming by the car, take 3rd right. 3rd right is the one which is opp to the HDB financials. Come to the dead end. You can find Hatch Station.

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